"When I came to Braden, I was just a skinny kid eager to begin my fitness journey with little knowledge on how to do so. He has helped me unlock my passion for fitness and continues to keep me motivated with fresh new customized workout plans that work for me. I highly recommend choosing Braden Usher to help you on your fitness journey."

Tyler P.  (Online Client)

If you want to increase your fitness level without having to join a gym, look no further than Braden. I stumbled over his ad a few months ago and it might just be the most personally valuable thing I have done for myself this year!  Braden is personable, empathetic, goal oriented and diligent when it comes to planning your personal fitness journey.  His rates are great and his reliability is a credit to him.  Not only has he helped me in the comfort of my own home, but some of my friends have jumped on the bandwagon and also are raving about their results!  My recommendation? Give Braden an opportunity to help you on your way to a stronger and fitter body!”

- Linda K. (In-Home Training Client)


"As a canfitpro PRO TRAINER I have proctored hundreds of examinations with Personal Trainers and I can tell you that Braden has been one of the most elite professionals I have met. With his depth of knowledge and client driven coaching style, I believe he is one of the most complete Personal Trainers available to any community. If you have been considering making your fitness a focus give Braden a call. You will not be disappointed." 

Daniel Smith
Founder of onlythestrongINC
Founder of Wellness Branded Education Team
Best In The Business 2018 canfitpro PRO TRAINER award recipient

"My experience doing personal training with Braden has been amazing. His depth of knowledge and passion are a great inspiration. His attention to detail and care for the clients process is superb. I’ve learned so much in a small period of time that would have taken me years to learn on my own. Learning the fundamentals of training from someone so knowledgeable is a huge asset and I would recommend personal training with Braden to anyone on a fitness journey. Thanks bro!"

- Jayden Grahlman 


"I had been thinking of joining a fitness club for a number of months after doing my own exercise program at home for the last 2 years. I was motivated to take my fitness to the next level. We received an offer from Northwood Fitness through my employer for a 1 month membership and a Personal Trainer assessment. I felt that this was a sign that the time was right. I had my assessment with Luke and started exercising at the gym. I was feeling very overwhelmed coming to the gym, so I made the decision to get a trainer who I could work with to achieve my goals. I started working with Braden 2 and a half months ago. Working with my goals, Braden put a program together for me that I could follow with him as well as on my own. There have been a few bumps along the fitness road but Braden has been great at challenging me. He always ensures that I am working on my technique so I can workout on my own and feel confident and stay safe. There were times that I felt frustrated due to injury and life’s stresses, but Braden was really supportive and encouraging through it all. Training with Braden, I am now feeling stronger than ever and have the confidence to reach my goals. Thanks Braden!"

- Heather Langmuir


"Working with Braden has been very transformational both physically and mentally. I have seen amazing results in the 6 weeks we have been training together. I am stronger, have more energy and feel way better overall. He knows my limits and is able to push me when I need it. The dynamic and customizable workout plan is a reflection of his knowledge, dedication and hardworking character. After every workout I come out feeling refreshed, motivated and determined to continue achieving my goals. I look forward to working out with Braden and can't wait to see where I will be 6 weeks from now!"

- Palmer Taylor (2012 Olympic Snowboarder)



I just wanted to take this opportunity to reflect on my first 5 months of personal training under your guidance. 

I am so grateful for your assistance in helping me strive to reach some personal goals. 

When I was told that my both knees were diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis, I never thought I could enjoy an active lifestyle or quality of life again without surgery.

The one activity that was truly affected by this diagnosis was my golf game ... as an avid golfer, I noticed a decline in so many aspects of my game and it was becoming so frustrating to enjoy the game at the level I was used to.

Well, I am thrilled to say that with the weight I have lost, the improvement in my overall strength and conditioning and the increased flexibility in my knees that I am now able to fully turn through my swings, climb in and out of bunkers with little discomfort, squat to read a putt and to cap it off, I shot a personal best 82 the other day!⛳️👍

I couldn’t be happier with my progress and have you to thank for it.

Even my family and friends are commenting on how well I am walking now and how great I look with my recent weight loss!!!!

Thank you again and I look forward to working with you and reaching new personal goals."

- Laurie Ellies


"Unsolicited, this is a very easy testimonial to share. I have been working with Braden for the last two months with an eye toward improving key functional fitness outcomes: strength, endurance, balance, and flexibility. Quite simply, I wanted to be able to play with my kids capably and also to feel good participating in physical activities that fill my bucket. I am grateful for the time and effort Braden has put into helping me achieve my big picture fitness goals.  To get to those goals, we have set toward small measurable goals that have helped me keep progressing.  Braden is consistently positive, committed, and detail oriented in his approach. He strikes a nice balance between support and pushing the training to new thresholds.  From our training sessions, I am pain-free, feeling stronger, more stable, and more flexible.  I could not be more pleased with the progress Braden has helped me make thus far."

- Joe


"When I started back at work two years ago after maternity leave and being in the “best shape of my life”, I found myself gaining weight and not very happy with myself physically.  I was looking for a way to kick start my strength training again, so my husband and I joined The Northwood Club in late February 2019 and I signed up for 12 sessions with a personal trainer. I had the privilege of working out with Braden Usher.  Braden’s knowledge and passion for staying fit and active was contagious.  I am very grateful for the opportunity to have spent 12 weeks working with Braden.  I am very close to my goal weight and am very happy with how my body has responded."

- Nicole McMullin


"Hiring Braden has been a great experience. Over the last 4 months he has taught me many things about property form, training strategies, and nutrition. I have lost over 30 lbs and I have become much stronger. More importantly I have developed a love for training and am now addicted to the gym. This has changed my perspective on fitness and I'm shure I will have no trouble keeping the weight off in the future. Thank you Braden!"

- Ryan Sobkovich


"I’ve been going to Braden for personal training 3x a week since July, he has a great personality and is so knowledgable 💪🏻 At first it was just to help me lose weight and tone up before my wedding in April but now I feel like my lifestyle has changed, I can now workout confidently by myself with plans Braden has created specialized for me (I used to HATE working out and going to the gym) Not to mention i have learnt so much about my nutrition as well! I recommend Braden to everyone ❤️"

- Lauren Dobinson